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Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) is a system of efficient indoor-outdoor air exchange that uses the heat of an exhaust air to warm up the fresh air we take in. In the summer, on the other hand, the intake air is pre-cooled during the night. Apart from the temperature we can regulate our house humidity and filter out dust, smog and allergen particles.

ERV reduces our heating bills but more importantly – it creates a healthy home environment and becomes a standard in residential, apartment and commercial development projects.
Take a deep breath – you and your children will feel like in the middle of a lush summer forest. Thanks to WAFE EFS™ enthalpic flap system, you will get rid of the unnecessary humidity and keep it at optimal level beneficial to your health. Fungi and molds, high CO2 values, dust, smog and allergens are no longer welcomed at your place.
WAFE technology is designed to promote savings in every possible way: you will save on heating costs, on exchanger replacements, even on preheating the unit during winter. You will not need to install any additional air humidifiers and pay for their operation. Finally, you will save time. The unit is self-sufficient. It works without any user intervention and if it does need something, it will send you a message via e-mail or My WAFE web application.
There is nothing to worry about. WAFE units are intuitive – they are designed to ventilate your home independently. If you still want to change the settings, you can do so in an app on your tablet or smartphone or on the luxurious wall controller (sold separately).
All steps were taken so that your WAFE unit will improve the health and well-being of you and others around you for decades to come. During construction, we cherry-pick only the best quality components on the market to ensure a reliable operation. The technology inside every WAFE unit will never become obsolete thanks to our innovative and forward-thinking approach to solving some of the most prominent industry issues: with heat recovery efficiency over 90 very low power consumption, component reliability and general openness to SmartHome systems there is little to no reason to ever replace your WAFE unit.
We believe WAFE 350 will be the most beautiful device in your utility room. Most ventilation manufacturers pay no attention to their products’ appearance and it shows. Our units will always be both functional and beautiful; WAFE 350 was designed by the leading Czech designer Anna Marešová. You will surely love it.
WAFE 350
The concept of WAFE 350 new energy recovery ventilation unit is based on modern customer needs. Most customers are not interested in dealing with operational principles of ventilation technology or its settings. They expect the unit to operate flawlessly and efficiently while saving on energy and creating a pleasant environment without any complicated setup. WAFE 350 design is not only in alignment with these expectations – it sets new standards within the ventilation industry.
WAFE 1000
WAFE 1000 is a decentralised heat recovery ventilation system for larger spaces with higher occupancy numbers, such as commercial and public administration buildings or light industry interiors. In its category of ventilation capacity, WAFE 1000 is the first unit entirely made of expanded polypropylene to reach the lowest proportions and weight. It is equipped with integrated sound silencer and allows versatile 360° instalation. Connection through Sigfox IOT network provides online maintenance monitoring without the use of cabels.
WAFE cooperates with a number of professionals who have helped us achieve high standards of service quality associated with our products.

Energy recovery ventilation units are tightly connected with other household systems. Especially with management of heat, ventilation and SmartHome solutions in general. WAFE always aims to implement and adapt to the best technologies and businesses and create long-term partnerships focused on an efficient cooperation.

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