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Specialists in heat recovery

We are a Czech company specialized in production of heat recovery units. Heat recovery is based on an efficient exchange of energy in a counter-flow heat exchanger (also called the recuperator). We recover the heat carried by the waste air to warm up the incoming fresh air. This process allows us to keep insulated buildings well ventilated while keeping the heat energy inside. In the summer, on the contrary, the air flowing into the building becomes pleasantly cooler. Apart from the temperature, heat recovery helps control humidity in the house, filter out dust, smog and allergens. Recuperator brings about quantifiable energy savings on heating but mainly creates more suitable conditions for healthy home and thus becomes a standard for modern family housing, apartment buildings or commercial properties.



You and your children will breathe almost just as if you were in a forest. Thanks to the innovative EFS enthalpic system you can get rid of unwanted humidity or you can keep it the way you prefer. Moulds and fungi, high levels of CO2, dust, smog and allergens are no longer present as the unwelcome visitors at your home, school or office.


You don't need to worry about anything. WAFE units are designed to ventilate your home independently. If you desire to change the settings anyway, you can access the unit on-line through our user friendly app MyWAFE.

30 years

All components and materials used by WAFE are from approved and renowned suppliers. WAFE heat recovery units are created to work reliably for your health and energy savings over decades. It won't easily become obsolete thanks to its innovative and universal design and concept. Top efficiency of over 90%, very low energy consumption, reliability and openness to SmartHome systems through an open IP, give no reason for their replacement.

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Are you an installation or construction company interested in a business partnership with WAFE? Do not hesitate to contact us. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality for our customers, we choose our partners carefully and provide them with training on a regular basis.

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