WAFE 1000

The WAFE 1000 is a decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery for spaces with more people.

Despite its capacity up to 1000 m ³/h weighs only 90 kg. The combination of comfort dimensions, WAFE's 360 ° universal installation and Wireless Internet Connection from Sigfox gives you absolute installation freedom - whether it's a new building, a rebuild or a modernization of office space, schools, warehouses or commercial establishments.

An autonomous CO&sub2;-based power management system ensures maximum comfort and quality of the ventilated environment. It is also supported by the minimal noise of the unit, which is equipped with an integrated sound suppressor.

WAFE 1000 Parameters
Airflow m3/h 300–1000
Heat limits (without preheating) − 30 až +45
Heat recovery efficiency * % 86–94
Moisture recovery efficiency % až 90
Sound pressure level dB 25-40
Dimensions mm 2000 x 1100 x 500
Weight (with / without sheet metal) kg 90/75
Modes and Functions Autonomní provoz dle úrovne CO2
Energy consumption class A
*without pre-heating
  • Control and monitoring – WIFI or Ethernet connection is standard, SIGFOX connectivity is new. My.WAFE.cz makes it easy to control your unit.
  • Versatility of location – Compared to the competition it is possible to install both on the wall and on the ceiling, which is particularly advantageous for reconstructions.
  • Low weight – The WAFE 1000 is 50ghter than the competition, making it easy to handle and install.
  • Innovative EFS technology – keeps the room in proper humidity and does not need an expensive condensate drain to be built
  • Lowest operating costs – maximum filter endurance, low power consumption, no expensive preheating, heat exchanger with 30 years service life
  • Invisible, inaudible – the experienced designer will suggest individual placement and cladding of your unit so that it does not disturb the view.
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The WAFE 1000 is the ideal solution for building new and renovating existing administrative areas, training centers, industrial or sports halls and many other places where the highest demands on indoor air quality and energy savings are imposed. Thanks to WAFE EFS & trade system (enthalpy flap system) eliminating the need for condensate drainage, the WAFE 1000 enables high installation variability. Compared to other heat recovery units that have only one position due to condensate drainage, the WAFE 1000 can be mounted vertically on the wall and horizontally under the ceiling. The fans and filters are accessible for service or replacement from both sides of the unit.

WAFE 1000 Universal Installation

* Simplicity of installation and location variability opens the door to a quality ventilation solution that was not previously possible.

Intelligent control of performance optimization reduces power consumption. The units ventilate more when employees are present. When the room is empty, the ventilation is reduced to the minimum level automatically. The contrast with membrane exchangers is at long-term operating costs. The unit uses standard Recair channel exchangers with high efficiency that are easy to maintain. And they are not discarded after several years like membrane exchangers would. Connecting the unit via Sigfox IoT network or Ethernet cable ensures monitoring, simplifies maintenance and enables remote management.

Interest in WAFE 1000.

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