WAFE 350

WAFE 350 is a premium energy recovery ventilation (ERV) unit that fulfils our customer service philosophy: We think just like you.

All was designed to keep the required user interaction to minimum. Controlling your unit is a breeze and quality components from Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic ensure a reliable operation. With a unique EFS™ technology inside your WAFE 350 there is no need to replace your heat exchanger – ever. EFS™ significantly reduces your heating expenses and preserves a natural humidity in your home.

WAFE 350 offers a best value for money on the market. It is intended for buildings with up to 250 m2 floor area. The price of the unit is final with no hidden expenses to surprise you during the installation.

WAFE 350 is a carefully designed product that will serve you well for years to come.
WAFE 350 Parameters
Airflow m3/h <350
Heat recovery efficiency * % 88-97
Humidity recovery efficiency % <95
Operating temperature °C -30 až 45
Dimensions mm 1050 x 760 x 500
Weight kg 35
*without pre-heating
  • Minimal user interaction required thanks to highly autonomous intelligence capable of analysing changes in its surroundings
  • Enthalpic Flap System (EFS™) keeps optimal humidity in your house and removes the need for expensive pre-heating of intake fresh air during cold months.
  • Integrated CO2 sensor ensures a healthy environment and reduces operational and maintenance costs.
  • Reduction of investment costs – no expensive accessories necessary.
  • Reduction of operational costs – maximum filter operation time, low electricity consumption, no pre-heating and an exchanger with long service life.
  • Internet connection via Ethernet cable or SIGFOX IoT (Internet for Things) gives the user maximum control over his unit settings and expenses and allows for automated sending and resolving of error messages.
Indicative offer within 24 hours
WAFE 350 energy recovery ventilation unit is an air ventilation device with an active heat and humidity recovery function designed for comfortable and ecological ventilation management of living spaces up to an area of 250 m2 and outside temperature of -30 to +45 °C.

Our unit is designed to satisfy the highest standards of ventilation industry. While being ready for modern SmartHome integrations, it still can function fully autonomously.

WAFE 350 operates in two basic modes:

Intelligent mode – fully autonomous mode that monitors the current level of CO2 in the air to adjust its performance. For example: it turns the unit off when there is no one in the house. This way you save even the little energy it consumes.

Weekly mode – unit operates according to the hourly-schedule set up by the user via my.wafe.eu web application. Requires registration.

Other modes and functions to mention are Intense ventilation [Boost] that for a short time maximizes the performance. Circulation is suitable for localised heating or aromatherapy; it stops the intake of fresh outside air and only circulates the air between the rooms. Used during aromatherapy or active fireplace heating.

WAFE 350 requires only a small space in the utility room, connection to local ventilation duct system and common electrical supply; ethernet is optional but a prerequisite for access to my.wafe.eu web application. In case the user wants to lower the humidity levels of ventilated area (for example in freshly built buildings) it is possible to switch the unit to HRV mode (heat-only recovery ventilation) and drain the excess humidity via external condensate outlet.
Heat recovery efficiency at 0 °C

WAFE 350 differs from other devices in its category by having constantly high efficiency under any temperature conditions. Thanks to WAFE EFS™ enthalpy flap system, the difference becomes most prominent in below-zero temperatures where other units need to turn on additional preheating of intake air, greatly increasing their power consumption and lowering the economic benefits of having a recovery ventilation in the first place.
Heat recovery efficiency
WAFE unit vs. Competition at 0 °C
Heat recovery efficiency [%]
Airflow [m³/h]
WAFE 350
Competition (declared effectivity)
Competition (without pre-heating)
Humidity recovery efficiency at 0 °C

WAFE 350 effectively returns natural moisture to the indoor environment. So it is not necessary to humidify the air artificially.
Humidity recovery efficiency
WAFE unit vs. Competition at 0 °C
Humidity recovery efficiency [%]
Airflow [m³/h]
WAFE 350
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