About us

In WAFE, we base our business on several principles: customer orientation, production a
development of premium products, constant innovation, user friendliness and comfort and health and environment protection. These are the values we believe in.

Everything we do, we do with respect to our customers‘ interests. We do not innovate our products in order to make customers spend more money throughout the products' lifecycle. We think in the same way as you do. Your long-term satisfaction is our cornerstone interest. We are innovators not only in the technology itself but also in the way of thinking. Our units are technically unique, their design has elegant and timeless look and they are reliable. Thanks to the online connection, IOT technologies and tracking metrics, our customers have devices that don't need to be looked after much. We believe that the less the customer interaction towards the unit is needed, the better. Our units are autonomous and always know what to do. We consider this to be the premium feature number one and a contrast to other technologies with often confusing amount of unused functions and options.

We care about the environment and health protection. Our products create healthy environment at our customers' homes. The method of production and distribution is subject to the strictest criteria for sustainable development.


Design and savings

We believe that beauty is as important as functionality and savings. The principles of minimalism and simplicity are also very close to us. We like to surround ourselves with beauty and we want our products to be both attractive and technically flawless.

WAFE products are designed for savings. You will save for heating, heat exchangers, filters, unit preheating in the winter and even for the time dedicated to the unit itself. More or less, you do not have to care about anything. WAFE units are intuitive and constructed to ventilate your home independently. If you desire to change the settings anyway, you can access the unit through the on-line app MyWAFE. All used components and materials have been selected to last. Everything is designed to work reliably for your health and energy savings over decades. WAFE units won't easily become obsolete thanks to its innovative and universal design and concept. Top efficiency of over 90%, very low energy consumption, reliability and openness to SmartHome systems through an open IP give no reason for their replacement.

We believe that WAFE 350 EFS will be the prettiest object in your utility room. WAFE products will always have beautiful and timeless design. The WAFE 350 EFS was designed by the prominent Czech designer Anna Marešová.


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