Family homes

Housing demands are on the rise. We like to enjoy our home in comfort with easy maintenance and low operating costs. However, the most important thing is to live with our children and family in healthy environment. Not a long time ago, we started using finer materials to build our homes. The trend of thermal insulation with plastic airtight windows achieved the target to isolate buildings completely. Unfortunately, this brought severe adverse effects in the form of unnatural internal environment with unhealthy levels of humidity, CO2 and other pollutants. The only solution to this problem is to open the windows. Naturally, this means heat loss and influx of pollution and noise. Ventilation system with heat recovery has become an appropriate alternative. Welcome to the world of healthy respiration and energy efficient of living with WAFE heat recovery units.



Solution for family houses

WAFE 350 EFS2 is a premium heat recovery unit that fulfils our customer philosophy: We think the same way you do. Everything has been designed for a carefree and easy operation of the unit. WAFE 350 EFS contains the unique EFS technology developed by us. Thanks to this technology, the recuperator runs with one reliable enthalpic heat exchanger for the whole lifetime of the unit. The WAFE EFS technology significantly reduces spending on operations and helps you to keep a pleasant humidity at your home. The cost-benefit ratio of WAFE unit represents the best choice on the market.

Enthalpic flap system WAFE EFSTM

Modern ventilation systems can deal not only with heat recovery but also with humidity recovery. Until now, this principle worked only with membrane-based enthalpy exchangers. However, the WAFE 350 EFS2 unit using the WAFE EFS system restores humidity back through a standard counter-flow heat exchanger. That means you get all advantages from both systems: low operating costs, high heat recovery efficiency, long term reliability and humidity recovery capability. EFS system has one of the highest overall efficiencies of energy recovery on the market.

During winter, humidity present in the outgoing air condensates on the surface of the counter-flow heat exchanger (phase 1). Once there is enough condensate, the flap position changes (phase 2). The air flow changes its direction, the condensate dries and is carried back with the outside air to the internal environment as natural humidity. During this period, the condensate is formed on the other side of the heat exchanger. As a result, WAFE 350 EFS2 can be installed without a required air preheater or a condensate drainage.

Low operating costs with WAFE 350 EFS2

Without the need for an air preheater you may save. Lower electricity input also means lower demands for your circuit breaker and that may lead to reduced rates as well.

High quality heat exchangers guarantee more than 90% efficiency. Low efficiency means higher operating costs. Units with low efficiency may even need an active heater to sustain required temperature comfort.

German made Ebm-Papst ventilators reduce electricity consumption in WAFE units. An average ventilator output is around 35 W. A smooth change of speed based on CO2 levels guarantees the optimal quantity of air. Ventilators barely ever work at the maximum output without a proper indication. Thanks to the EFS flap system, the humidity recovery saves additional costs for humidification. Steam humidifiers may cost several hundreds of Euros per year.

Note: Indicative values of operating costs are applicable to family houses with 150m2 ventilated area and 4 users.

WAFE 350 EFS2 Efficiency

WAFE 350 EFS2 is able to recover natural humidity to the interior with 60-90% efficiency. So there is no need to use artificial humidification. At the same time, the high heat efficiency is preserved.

Compared with other heat recovery units, the crucial difference can be observed when temperature drops below 0°C. While other recuperators require operationally expensive air preheater to prevent condensate from freezing, WAFE units do not need one.


Environmental subsidies

WAFE 350 EFS2 unit is a registered product under the New Green Savings Programme under code SVT8842 which allows to obtain a grant up to the amount of 100 000 crowns. (applicable only in Czech Republic)


Th by Passive House Institute founded by Dr. Feist in 1996.e unit has been fully certified


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