Heat Recovery Unit

WAFE 1000 E je decentrální systém větrání s rekuperací pro prostory s vyšším počtem osob: komerční a veřejné budovy a lehký průmysl. Ve své kubatuře jde o vůbec první jednotku kompletně odlitou z expandovaného polypropylenu. Rekuperační jednotka je nejlehčí ve své kategorii, má integrovaný zvukový tlumič a umožňuje modulární polohováním pro 360° instalaci. Všechny instalované jednotky je pak možné hromadně či individuálně ovládat díky revolučnímu online systému Iceberg.


  • Enthalpy: the unit does not require condensate drain and only limited or no use of preheating.

  • Control and monitoring: Apart from the standard WIFI or ethernet connection, Sigfox IOT network connection may be used.

  • Universal positioning that enables maximal utilization of space: The unit can be placed on the wall or on the ceiling - especially useful for reconstructions.

  • Light weight: The first recuperator in its category made of expanded polypropylene so 75 kg weight allows easy manipulation and installation.

  • Innovative technology: natural humidity is maintained with WAFE enthalpy flap system of an enthalpic heat exchanger.

  • Low operating costs: Prolonged filter lifetime, low electricity consumption, high heat exchanger efficiency

  • Invisible, inaudible: Experienced project architect can design an individual placement and sheathing to let the unit merge with the room.

Technical specifications

Air flow rate
150-800 m³/h
Operating temperatures
− 20 až + 45 ℃
Heat recovery efficiency WAFE 1000 E/ 1000 EFS
75 - 86 % / 79 - 92 %
Humidity recovery efficiency
až 90 %
2000 × 1100 × 500 mm
90/75 kg

Application and Use

Simplicity of installation and variability of positioning opens the door to easy and high-quality ventilating solutions that have not been previously possible.

Optimization of the output determined by an intelligent control reduce the overall energy consumption. The unit simply ventilates more when people are present. The ventilation decreases its power to a minimum level automatically when the room is empty. The difference between WAFE units and the others lies in the long-term operating costs. The EFS unit uses standard high efficiency heat exchangers with easy maintenance. Thanks to this it will not degrade over time like units with celulose membrane heat exchangers. The E version of WAFE 1000 uses the latest enthalpic membrane exchangers made of washable materials reducing the degradability to minimum as well.  The connection via IOT Sigfox Network or ethernet cable provides monitoring, simplifies maintenance and remote control.



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