WAFE 200 E
Heat Recovery Unit

WAFE 200 E is an optimal solution for residential projects, smaller houses and apartments up to 170m3. A special enthalpy technology combines advantages of high counterflow heat exchanger efficiency with an ability to recover humidity from the condensate, which would otherwise be wasted down the drain. The humidity is redistributed via permeable membrane of the heat exchanger. The construction of this membrane allows passage-through only to simple molecules. Odours, viruses and dirt stay out with the outgoing waste air. One of the beneficial side effects is that WAFE 200 E does not require a condensate drainage. This significantly facilitates the whole installation process. The heat exchanger’s thermal endurance requires preheating module only when the temperature drops below about -7°C.


  • Simple user-friendly control is provided by a wall controller offering 9 levels of ventilation output.

  • Humidity recovery efficiency: Optimal humidity is maintained by the innovative technology of enthalpic heat exchanger.

  • Universal positioning that enables a maximal utilization of space: The unit can be placed on the wall or on the ceiling.

  • Low investment costs: No need for any extra expensive complementary equipment.

  • Low operating costs: Prolonged filter lifetime, low electricity consumption of fans, high heat exchanger efficiency.

  • Autonomous operation of the unit can be managed through CO2 sensor or superordinate regulation (SmartHome).

  • Zone ventilation allows to ventilate occupied rooms only.

Technical specifications

Air flow rate
<200 m³/h
Heat recovery efficiency
82,5 % (at 110 m³/h/100 Pa)
Humidity recovery efficiency
60,3 % (at 110 m³/h/100 Pa)
Operating temperatures
-20 až +40 °C
978 × 575 × 250 mm
19 kg

Application and Use

Application and Use

WAFE 200 E has been designed for apartment building development, smaller houses and apartments up to 170 m2. Both newly built and reconstructed.

The construction of the unit is set to answer small space requirements and fulfills the customer's idea of a small and operationally efficient unit. The size of the unit, and its relative flatness in particular, allows for simple installations in false ceilings, built in cabinets or in utility rooms of any family home or apartment. The WAFE 200 E heat recovery unit minimizes the space that is taken up by technology from the salable area of the property.

WAFE 200 E unit is equipped with an enthalpy heat exchanger, which enables the unit not only recover the heat, but also help retain the natural humidity of the interior. For outside temperatures below O°C it is equipped with antifreeze protection. Thanks to the special components used, is the electric preheater activated only when the temperature reaches -7°C and lower. This trait improves the overall energy efficiency greatly.

Interconnectability with smart home solutions is integrated as a standard.

In WAFE we help customers with planning and installation of zone systems, where even a smaller unit such as WAFE 200 E may be used for larger properties if conditions are right. WAFE zone heat recovery systems ventilate primarily those spaces that are being used. In its simplest form, the house may have two zones, for example bedrooms upstairs and livingroom downstairs - the system ventilates the livingroom in the evening and the bedrooms throughout the night. Zone ventilation systems allow you to use a smaller heat recovery unit (with a lower air flow level), lower both investment and operational costs, prolong filter exchange periods, lower the risk of excessive drying and it helps getting rid of stale air with more precision and speed.



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