Heat Recovery Unit

WAFE 350 EFS2 is a premium heat recovery unit that fulfils our customer philosophy: We think the same way you do. Everything has been designed for a carefree and easy operation of the unit. The unit ensures easy and safe handling. The reliable functioning is ensured by components from the top German, Czech and Dutch producers. WAFE 350 EFS 2 also contains the unique EFS technology developed by us. Thanks to this technology, the unit runs with one reliable HRV exchanger over the course of its lifetime providing the benefits of enthalpy. The EFS technology significantly reduces spending on operating costs and helps you keep a pleasant humidity level at your home. The cost-benefit ratio of WAFE unit represents the best choice on the market. It is designated for larger flats and family houses.


  • Minimal interaction required thanks to the autonomy of the unit which allows for automatic dynamic environmental adaptation

  • Humidity recovery efficiency: Innovative Enthalpy Flap System helps retain optimal humidity and enhances the overall unit energy efficiency

  • Integrated CO2 sensor provides healthy environment and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

  • Low investment costs: No need for expensive complementary equipment

  • Low operating costs: Prolonged filter lifetime, low electricity consumption of fans, no air preheater, high heat exchanger efficiency

  • Control and monitoring: Apart from a standard connection via ethernet, we use also Sigfox IOT network connection. MyWAFE on-line system assures easy and smart unit control and maintanance.

  • Zone distribution system ready: Zone ventilation allows to ventilate occupied rooms only.

  • Smart home integration ready.

Technical specifications

Air flow rate
<350 m³/h
Heat recovery efficiency
86 - 97 %
Humidity recovery efficiency
60-90 %
1075 × 776 × 539 mm
35 kg

Application and Use

WAFE 350 EFS2 is a device suitable for family houses and larger apartments. For newly built as well as reconstructed. The unit has been fully certified by Passive House Institute founded by Dr. Feist in 1996.

WAFE 350 EFS2 is designated to satisfy all current standards of ventilation in residential buildings and it is fully integratable with most available SmartHome solutions through an open IP.

Control and management

WAFE heat recovery operates in two basic modes:

   CO2 mode: fully autonomous programme takes into consideration the amount of people present in order to run at the optimal level. It recognises by itself when nobody is home and reduces the output to the minimum. Thanks to this it saves even on the little amount of energy it needs to run.

  Weekly mode: allows for user's adjustments through an on-line web app MyWAFE. It allows manual control of ventilation level based on time intervals.

 In addition to these two modes, the user may also turn on “Boost”, which provides high ventilation level for limited time. Boost may be connected to toilet and bathroom light switch. “Circulation” mode helps to distribute the air in the house more effectively while enjoying the fireplace or aromatherapy. You may find it handy to use other modes such as holiday mode, sleep/night mode or fireplace mode.


Low operating costs and efficiency

As well as heat, the WAFE 350 EFS2 recovers natural humidity as well. That with 60 - 90 % efficiency. So there is usually no need to use humidifiers. At the same time, the high heat recovery efficiency is preserved. Compared with other heat recovery units, the crucial difference can be observed when temperature drops below 0 °C. While other recuperators require operationally expensive air preheater to prevent condensate from freezing, WAFE units, thanks to innovative technology, do not need air preheater at all.


New generations brings new beenfits::
  • Flap system with enhanced air tightness and frost resistance improves thermal efficiency.
  • Higher standard of sealing material secures safer condensate drain.
  • PID* regulation based on CO2 levels is fluent,
  • noiseless and lowers consumption.
  • Sensors with enhanced reliability and accuracy improve longevity.
  • New mode for dehumidification strictly available.
  • Humidity based regulation - for efficient swimming pool ventilation.
  • New homepage on the basic display with more information.
  • Fire alarm shut down for better safety.
  • Fireplace mode - secures sufficient air pressure to avoid smoke going to the interior.
  • New generation electronics with more power and communication stability.
  • Regulation of auxiliary add ons for air heating and cooling.
  • Both local and on-line unit set up and monitoring available.
  • New MyWAFE design.


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